Middlefingerart Gift registry (digital mailer)

  • NAME: Buddhist Funk
  • ACTION: (wine rack) serve wine and be chill
  • ECO:  wood bedside drawer, hexagon end table, ethnic wine rack, picture frame $950

  • NAME:  christinsanity chair
  • ACTION: christinsanity chair
  • ECO: decorative iron seat, wood deck, swivel chair armrest (chrome/wood) $600

  • NAME: world's largest ashtray
  • ACTION: coney island sand on display
  • ECO: wood bedside drawer, fish tank, NYC license plate (DJ847Y), sand, "exit" sign, red holiday lights $100hr (rent only)

  • NAME:  alex in wonderland
  • ACTION: (mini-bar) wood and metal double-dipped in cosmic cocoa
  • ECO:  metal headboard, chrome tubular fixture, wood table, turntable platters (2), white xmas lights $1,100

Middlefinger Art Gift Registry
Rockstar mini-bars & Such
Eco-built in Brooklyn
  • NAME:  giant keeth
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) retired loudspeakers armed with yellow
  • ECO:  stereo speakers (3), turntable platter, washing machine drive wheel, door hinges, metal rod $850

  • NAME:  code zen
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) make room for "Damn!"
  • ECO:  stainless steel sink, tubular brass fixture, geometric table top, chrome coffee table frame $1,650

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