Artist Bio: ISAXIDA

Ida Isaksson [isaxida] draws inspiration from cultural imagery and social differences found along her path of life.  Swedish born, with a BA in fine art, Ida has transformed “elements of truth and illusions” from her artistic residencies in Nice, Florence and Rome.  London-based, Ida now works in a variety of media and considers the UK metropolis, with its dynamic urban environment, to be a great inspiration for her work. I am a "hybrid artist" Involved in multi-disciplinary projects: motion graphics, sculpture, painting, illustration and digital art. In my work, I create micro cosmos that mirror the elements of truths and illusions found in the nooks and cracks of my physical environment.  For the audience, I reinforce visual imaginary with provocative ideas that hopefully enhance the totality of the experience. My images are a reflection of my life, both real and imagined.  Communing with the “mystique”, I search for truthfulness, beauty, reality and illusion. Dedication, another tenant of my studio practice, guides my career path. Recently, I’ve been motivated to explore ideas of urban sub cultures, social and political. Submerged in the day-to-day hustle of city life, I have been collecting abstract shapes and forms I find within it. Intuitive and conceptual, my process is sometimes merged and sometime separated within projects that often work side by side.
CLIENT: Isaxida

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