Metatrack Studios (DJ school)

  • CASE STUDY:  MetaTrack Studios added specific criteria for their new Dj curriculum.

  • COPY: Hello, I'm DJ (insert ego here) 

  • COPY:  Teach you how to spin records, Yeah!  Help you decide on a ridiculous DJ  name, No!



  • CASE STUDY:  Montblanc, the luxury brand, wanted to push their prolific history and legacy of writing instruments onto emerging daydreamers.

Goo Gone

  • CASE STUDY:  Goo Gone promises that it's ability to remove any stain from almost anything is not a special effect
  • COPY:   Gum, Crayon, BLOOD, Grease, Tape, Stickers, Make-up, Scuff marks, Oil, Candle Wax


Middlefingerart Gift registry (digital mailer)

  • NAME: Buddhist Funk
  • ACTION: (wine rack) serve wine and be chill
  • ECO:  wood bedside drawer, hexagon end table, ethnic wine rack, picture frame $950

  • NAME:  christinsanity chair
  • ACTION: christinsanity chair
  • ECO: decorative iron seat, wood deck, swivel chair armrest (chrome/wood) $600

  • NAME: world's largest ashtray
  • ACTION: coney island sand on display
  • ECO: wood bedside drawer, fish tank, NYC license plate (DJ847Y), sand, "exit" sign, red holiday lights $100hr (rent only)

  • NAME:  alex in wonderland
  • ACTION: (mini-bar) wood and metal double-dipped in cosmic cocoa
  • ECO:  metal headboard, chrome tubular fixture, wood table, turntable platters (2), white xmas lights $1,100

Middlefinger Art Gift Registry
Rockstar mini-bars & Such
Eco-built in Brooklyn
  • NAME:  giant keeth
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) retired loudspeakers armed with yellow
  • ECO:  stereo speakers (3), turntable platter, washing machine drive wheel, door hinges, metal rod $850

  • NAME:  code zen
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) make room for "Damn!"
  • ECO:  stainless steel sink, tubular brass fixture, geometric table top, chrome coffee table frame $1,650

Mattress Discounters, Diet Coke

  • CASE STUDY:  Mattress Discounters explored the psychological effects of a good nights sleep on married couples.
  • HEADLINE:  Zero Divorcees.

  • CASE STUDY:  Diet Coke wanted to experiment with the social dynamics of teenage girls while creating a niche market for the brand.  
  • HEADLINE: "bitch"

Northern Neck Ginger Ale

  • CASE STUDY:  Northern Neck Ginger ale was virtually invisible in the soft drink market.  The campaign reintroduced the brand through common household identifiers.

  1. 3-Legged Run
  2. 60 Yard Dash
  3. League Champion
  4. 100 Meter Hurdles
  5. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  6. Jr. Marathon
  7. 500 Meter Relay

  1. G-Plus Ferrari F1
  2. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  3. 8-Ball Rally Pick-Up
  4. Porche 510k "Can-Am"
  5. "Baja" Bug VW
  6. "Flame Thrower" Corvette GT
  7. Richard Petty Stock Car Modified
  8. Porche 917
  9. Stingray HP
  10. '57 Chevy Nomad
  11. BMW 320i Turbo

  1. Retired
  2. Nurse
  3. CEO
  4. Lawyer
  5. Teacher
  6. Retail Manager
  7. Actress
  8. Homeless
  9. Housewife
  10. Farmer
  11. Artist
  12. Advertising
  13. Computers
  14. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  15. Social Worker
  16. Police Officer
  17. Doctor
  18. Musician
  19. Military
  20. Dancer
  21. Banker

Ecko Unltd.

As Sr. Copywriter for the iconic urban fashion brand Ecko Unltd., we got rapper 50 Cent and his entourage to star in a $1 million print campaign for the G-Unit Clothing Company.  "The 50th Brigade" print campaign portrayed a day in the life at the fictional G-Unit training complex, where potential members, 7-15-year-old boys, must prove they're worthy of joining the exclusive unit. 

EckoUnltd.com., Answermejesus.com, Hipsandcurves.com. BarcelonaBatteryBikes.com (product descriptions)

Sushi Tugo

  • CASE STUDY:  Sushi Tugo, by definition, was an alternative to traditional Japanese gastronomy.
  • TAGLINE:  Not your traditional Japanese joint

  • HEADLINE: Knife-twirling belongs in the Circus.

  • HEADLINE:  Sitting on the floor is Stupid.

  • HEADLINE:  Your shoes are Welcome Here.

Seabury & Smith Insurance

  • CASE STUDY:  Seabury & Smith Insurance wanted to expand there products and services to a younger target audience.

  • COPY:  The Heart line measures passion and your ability to love.  Originating from the base of your first finger, it descends toward your Marriage line.  The proximity of these two lines will tell whether health insurance will be for you or for you and your family.

  • COPY:  Your brain line shows intellectual faculties.  This line matches, in its origin, with your life line.  As they descend, their nearly parallel paths grow increasingly apart.  This is a sign that life insurance bought sooner is smarter than later.

  • COPY:  Prosperity and luck are revealed with your fate line.  Ascending toward the second finger, it will cross your brain line and in some cases your heart line.  When this happens, your heart and mind are in agreement about the type of insurance you need.

Sue Bee Honey, Draft Sports Bar, VOB Saab

  • CASE STUDY:  Draft Sports bar changed their menu to include special offers during the NHL playoffs
  • HEADLINE: Now Serving NHL

  • CASE STUDY:  Sue Bee Honey wanted to increase their brand awareness and grab a percentage of the emerging "green" market.
  • HEADLINE:  Inspected by

F.O.A.M. the Found Objects Art Museum