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  • CASE STUDY: How to reinvent the NEW Kid on the Block


E-bikes are Smart.  Our bikes are German.

Engineered in Cloppenburg, Germany, our Agattu C8 is the Mercedes-Benz of electric bicycles or E-bikes.  Easy rider, the C8's intelligent drive system makes cruising Barceloneta beach a breeze and touring the majestic Montjuic mountain an experience worthy of your Facebook page.  And, padded contoured seats add hours of comfort and pleasure between shopping and getting lost amongst our city's cobble stone streets.

Gothic is in the Details
Centuries of charm and antiquity surround Barcelona Battery Bikes.  Hidden in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, we invite you to explore our amazing city by the sea.  With hours of bicycle lanes leading you to Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and the Olympic Stadium, enjoy the neighborhoods of Gracia, El Raval and Poble Nou that promise to excite the imagination while revisiting the ancient past.  And with our electric bikes, also known as pedelecs, your Barcelona city tour, The Twilight cruise or bike rental will always be something you'll surely Tweet.    See what some satisfied customers have to say on Tripadvisor.

Don't Worry.  Be Happy ever after.
Happy endings are what BarcelonaBatteryBikes is about.  You can rent our bikes, safe in the knowledge that our batteries are guaranteed to last all day.  No need to carry a charger.  No need for an electrical outlet.  No worries.

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  • CASE STUDY:  Plus-Sized LOVE and LUST

Wiggle. Wiggle. And wiggle some more as galloping fingertips race across the laces of this satin jacquard corset. For a moment, they stop, tug and release your unbridled fantasy. The strength and support of the underwire cups could no longer contain your womanly wows. A deep penetrating gaze trips over the adjustable straps and garters landing softly at the center of the matching G-string.

Standing in line, she ponders, wonders and agonizes for what seemed like hours. “Why didn’t he kiss me?” The residue from the night before sticks to her memory. With out apology or concern, she begins to adjust her garter. One of the six hooks, hiding beneath the veneer of her day job, had become undone. She hikes up her skirt. “I tossed my hair,” she mumbles. A small corner of her black patent G-string screams for attention. To everyone, she is invisible. Her phone rings. On the other end, a voice simply says, “Can I see you tonight?”

The spicy nature of her relationship was legendary. Every New Year’s, Jax would throw a little “Bam!” into the vat of love she shared with her beau. This year, black satin was the secret ingredient. Hugging the curves and shadows of her petal soft skin, she chose a strapless corset that flirted with his boiling point. It had spaghetti like strings up and down the spine that gave his nimble fingers a partner to dance with. Jax and her beau had a very hot new year.

As the ball fell, so did her expectations. Every new year’s eve was the same. “I love you honey” and a kiss. Jax clung to the idea that 2007 was gonna be different. Her confidence, textured in black satin, hugged the curves and shadows of her petal soft skin. Come hell or high water, his hands would untie the black spaghetti like string that tamed her passion. “This year I’ll ask him”, was her New Year’s Resolution.

The night before was like no other. James Brown dripped from the speakers. Shrewd joy danced between swirvy columns of hard, soft and the occasional very soft body. Jax was her name. Available was his. Again and again beads of sweat disappeared behind the tenderness of her black leather corset. This was her weapon of mass devotion. Jax named it “Lucile”. Desi and Lucy were the polaroid of love. And on this nite, her blouse with the opacity of a Macon county screen door, was set to stun. He was THE catch. Before long, she knew that Lucile and a flute or two of Dom P. would wash away his inhibitions. This New Year’s, they were Siamese. Joined at the hips.

The magazine butterflied as it crashed against the mirror. Entrails of subscription leaflets fluttered to the sticky floor. Two mile-high litres of Polish Vodka caught and cradled the glossy remains. ALL LIES. ALL EYES. ALLIES she began to scribe on the slick veneer of the hotel bar. No worries thought the barkeep; she only uses lipstick no. 43. It’s organic. And Claire was infamous for having a tube or two tucked in the lacy corner of her 38 double-Ds. This time was no different. Soap and water, again, will erase her memory.

Communications Strategy: Eakin/ Youngentob Associates, Inc.

  • CASE STUDY: Stroke the Ego with grace and modesty

  • COPY:  We would just like to thank mother earth for allowing us to share her space, mother nature for pleasant working conditions, the parking attendants who didn't give us tickets, little Jimmy, Sarah, her little friend form down the street, local government for their efforts to reduce the amount of red tape, the competition, any and all chiropractors, the entire staff of Metro bus drivers and train operators, the vandals who decided not to interrupt our building schedules (thanks to you we made the budgets), our children, your children, the Bomstein Agency for producing this ad, the magazines and/or newspapers running this as, our suppliers, subcontractors (and you know who you are), the community leaders who know a good thing when they see it, our neighbors - even the spooky ones, that really big comet that missed earth, M'dam Rosa (all of your predictions came true), pet lovers who clean up after their pets, and of course, "Builders Magazine" for naming Eakin/Youngentob Associates, Inc.


Metatrack Studios (DJ school)

  • CASE STUDY:  Say Hello to "LGBT B-ball fanatics" and "Latina K-Pop enthusiasts."

  • COPY: Hello, I'm DJ (insert ego here) 

  • COPY:  Teach you how to spin records, Yeah!  Help you decide on a ridiculous DJ  name, No!



  • CASE STUDY:  Montblanc, the luxury brand, wanted to push their prolific history and legacy of writing instruments onto emerging daydreamers.

Goo Gone

  • CASE STUDY:  Goo Gone promises that it's ability to remove any stain from almost anything is not a special effect
  • COPY:   Gum, Crayon, BLOOD, Grease, Tape, Stickers, Make-up, Scuff marks, Oil, Candle Wax


Middlefingerart Gift registry (digital mailer)

  • NAME: Buddhist Funk
  • ACTION: (wine rack) serve wine and be chill
  • ECO:  wood bedside drawer, hexagon end table, ethnic wine rack, picture frame $950

  • NAME:  christinsanity chair
  • ACTION: christinsanity chair
  • ECO: decorative iron seat, wood deck, swivel chair armrest (chrome/wood) $600

  • NAME: world's largest ashtray
  • ACTION: coney island sand on display
  • ECO: wood bedside drawer, fish tank, NYC license plate (DJ847Y), sand, "exit" sign, red holiday lights $100hr (rent only)

  • NAME:  alex in wonderland
  • ACTION: (mini-bar) wood and metal double-dipped in cosmic cocoa
  • ECO:  metal headboard, chrome tubular fixture, wood table, turntable platters (2), white xmas lights $1,100

Middlefinger Art Gift Registry
Rockstar mini-bars & Such
Eco-built in Brooklyn
  • NAME:  giant keeth
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) retired loudspeakers armed with yellow
  • ECO:  stereo speakers (3), turntable platter, washing machine drive wheel, door hinges, metal rod $850

  • NAME:  code zen
  • ACTION:  (mini-bar) make room for "Damn!"
  • ECO:  stainless steel sink, tubular brass fixture, geometric table top, chrome coffee table frame $1,650

Dj blakulove SATANS DISCO (digital banners)

Mattress Discounters, Diet Coke

  • CASE STUDY:  Mattress Discounters explored the psychological effects of a good nights sleep on married couples.
  • HEADLINE:  Zero Divorcees.

  • CASE STUDY:  Diet Coke wanted to experiment with the social dynamics of teenage girls while creating a niche market for the brand.  
  • HEADLINE: "bitch"

Communications strategy: Northern Neck Ginger Ale

  • CASE STUDY:  Hidden Object picture Puzzle (knock-off)
  1. 3-Legged Run
  2. 60 Yard Dash
  3. League Champion
  4. 100 Meter Hurdles
  5. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  6. Jr. Marathon
  7. 500 Meter Relay

  1. G-Plus Ferrari F1
  2. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  3. 8-Ball Rally Pick-Up
  4. Porche 510k "Can-Am"
  5. "Baja" Bug VW
  6. "Flame Thrower" Corvette GT
  7. Richard Petty Stock Car Modified
  8. Porche 917
  9. Stingray HP
  10. '57 Chevy Nomad
  11. BMW 320i Turbo

  1. Retired
  2. Nurse
  3. CEO
  4. Lawyer
  5. Teacher
  6. Retail Manager
  7. Actress
  8. Homeless
  9. Housewife
  10. Farmer
  11. Artist
  12. Advertising
  13. Computers
  14. Northern Neck Ginger Ale
  15. Social Worker
  16. Police Officer
  17. Doctor
  18. Musician
  19. Military
  20. Dancer
  21. Banker

Ecko Unltd.

As Sr. Copywriter for the iconic urban fashion brand Ecko Unltd., we got rapper 50 Cent and his entourage to star in a $1 million print campaign for the G-Unit Clothing Company.  "The 50th Brigade" print campaign portrayed a day in the life at the fictional G-Unit training complex, where potential members, 7-15-year-old boys, must prove they're worthy of joining the exclusive unit. 

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