Communications Strategy: Eakin/ Youngentob Associates, Inc.

  • CASE STUDY: Stroke the Ego with grace and modesty

  • COPY:  We would just like to thank mother earth for allowing us to share her space, mother nature for pleasant working conditions, the parking attendants who didn't give us tickets, little Jimmy, Sarah, her little friend form down the street, local government for their efforts to reduce the amount of red tape, the competition, any and all chiropractors, the entire staff of Metro bus drivers and train operators, the vandals who decided not to interrupt our building schedules (thanks to you we made the budgets), our children, your children, the Bomstein Agency for producing this ad, the magazines and/or newspapers running this as, our suppliers, subcontractors (and you know who you are), the community leaders who know a good thing when they see it, our neighbors - even the spooky ones, that really big comet that missed earth, M'dam Rosa (all of your predictions came true), pet lovers who clean up after their pets, and of course, "Builders Magazine" for naming Eakin/Youngentob Associates, Inc.

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