Seabury & Smith Insurance

  • CASE STUDY:  Seabury & Smith Insurance wanted to expand there products and services to a younger target audience.

  • COPY:  The Heart line measures passion and your ability to love.  Originating from the base of your first finger, it descends toward your Marriage line.  The proximity of these two lines will tell whether health insurance will be for you or for you and your family.

  • COPY:  Your brain line shows intellectual faculties.  This line matches, in its origin, with your life line.  As they descend, their nearly parallel paths grow increasingly apart.  This is a sign that life insurance bought sooner is smarter than later.

  • COPY:  Prosperity and luck are revealed with your fate line.  Ascending toward the second finger, it will cross your brain line and in some cases your heart line.  When this happens, your heart and mind are in agreement about the type of insurance you need.

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